All-Terrain and Jogging Stroller- Find the Best for Your Needs

Rather than being a casual walker or shopper, your idea of a great afternoon is hitting the trails or jogging in the park. Now that you have a new baby, you are in need of an all-terrain jogging stroller that is appropriate for this type of environment.

Though not typically designed for say a 10K walk/run, the all terrain and jogging strollers are perfect for the outdoor driven/health conscious parent. With air-filled rubber tires, true suspension, and increased frame durability these strollers are designed to handle off-road challenges as easily as the shopping mall. Finding a lightweight and compact all-terrain stroller without compromising durability or versatility gets easier each year as stroller manufacturers strive to keep up with the demands of the market.

As a general rule, the all-terrain stroller is designed to handle more than the standard baby stroller and designed with solid components and materials. Even the most hard-core all-terrain stroller has its limits, so traipsing through a quarry full of glass and nails is probably not the best idea!

Easy all-terrain stroller maneuverability comes from having:

• solid suspension
• an ergonomically designed handle (easiest for-one handed steering) or set of handles
• front swivel/locking wheels
• back wheels that track straight
• a frame that can handle weight shifts without swerving or veering

Jogging stroller are designed for those of us who want to go ‘off-road’ for extended periods of time. Sporting 3 – 16” pneumatic wheels this unit with its fixed front wheel always tracks straight. Designed to function at optimal level for hiking, jogging or running these strollers are designed with lightweight but rugged frames.

To get the most of your baby jogging stroller, look for fixed wheels front and back, a runaway tether, and a hand brake. The jogging stroller concept was created by parents for those parents who wish to keep up their running habits with their babies. As a result, good jogger strollers were designed to impede minimally on a natural running form with straight tracking wheels will make running straight easy but may require you to "pop a wheelie" to make tight corners.
Jogging stroller maneuverability comes from having:

• solid suspension
• a runaway tether and hand brake
• an ergonomically designed handle for-one handed steering
• front and back wheels that track perfectly straight
• a frame that can handle weight shifts without swerving or veering

As with any stroller, you should secure your child with the stroller's safety harness, choose a stroller with a base wide enough to prevent tipping, be sure the stroller won't tip backward when in the reclining position, never hang items over the handles, check before you purchase for locking devices that prevent spontaneous folding. You should insure your child’s’ hands and fingers are well away from the stroller when you're folding and check to make sure that the brakes limit rotation of the wheels when the stroller is stationary.

Whichever type of stroller you choose, keeping your child safe while providing you with the most comfortable stroller to meet your needs is imperative.