Double Strollers- Benefits of Tandem Vs. Side By Side

Too often, strollers for two are like little monsters in and of themselves. They are heavy, unwieldy and feel like an SUV. They’re also not convenient for passing through many doorways (or for that matter on the sidewalk either).

When selecting double strollers, there are two basic styles – the tandem baby stroller which is a two-seater with the seats one behind the other and then the side-by-side baby stroller model. While the most commonly sold stroller is the side-by-side double baby stroller model, there are many benefits to the tandem unit, the main one which is size and weight.

A tandem stroller offers the parent the ability to seat their child one in front of the other, preventing bickering, one child keeping the other child awake, and of course the inevitable teasing that would take place between two children.

Tandem strollers are also narrower than a side-by-side stroller allowing easy access through standard doorways and of course making them more practical for taking into malls, on the sidewalks or in stores. Tandem strollers are typically easier to store as well, whether it’s in a closet or a car trunk.

When it comes to pushing your infants or toddlers along in a baby stroller, the side by side strollers tend to have a wider handle base making it feel slightly awkward to push as your stance has to change to keep both sides of the stroller steady. Because of this, the trend is going more and more to the tandem style stroller. As parents spend more and more time out of doors, trying to remain physically fit and still spending time with their children, parents are opting for ‘jogging’ strollers which allow them to take their children along with them. For narrow trails, parks, sidewalks in general, the tandem stroller is typically a more sensible unit for most parents.

Tandem strollers also offer more flexibility if you have an infant and a toddler in the stroller – while many side by sides today offer limited movement of foot-rests and backs, a tandem stroller typically allows for a larger variety of position.