Maclaren Stroller Models

The British manufacturer Maclaren has a number of stroller models that are guaranteed to fit your budget whether you’re able to purchase a stroller costing less than $100 or are able to spend upwards of $350, we can help you purchase the best stroller for your consumer dollars.

The Maclaren models include:

The 2008 Mclaren Volo Stroller which includes features such as 1 seat position, carry strap, one hand folding. This lightweight aluminum frame stroller is very compact but sturdy enough to hold your baby safely and securely. The sponge washable seat is available in flame orange, turquoise, black, crimson, powder pink and white and weights only 8 ½ lbs. Sturdy enough to hold a child up to 55 pounds, this stroller is suitable for use from age 6 months and up.

The 2008 Maclaren Triumph stroller features a five point striped safety harness, multiple seat positions and a rounded hood which tilts for sun protection. This stroller is appropriate for children from three months of age up to a 55 lb. child. The removable washable seat is available in Navy, crimson, charcoal, coral, or brown, with charcoal moldings on the frame.

The 2008 Maclaren Quest Mod Stroller like many other Maclaren models features one hand folding, an adjustable leg rest, carry handle and 5 point safety harness. The removable washable seat is available in coral or black and the basic weight of the stroller is only 12 lbs. The stroller is appropriate for children from the age of 3 months and will support a child weighing up to 55 lbs. The stroller also offers 4 seat positions, a viewing window on the hood and a carry handle.

The 2007 Maclaren Techno XT Stroller features not only adjustable leg rest and handles, but also offers four seat positions, single spoke wheels with excellent suspension, an extra wide seat and is made from lightweight aluminum. This stroller is appropriate for children from birth through 64lbs and is available in brown, charcoal, blue, and tan. This stroller weights 16 pounds, offers reflective accents, carry handle, 4-position seat, and is height adjustable and compatible with many car seats. The UV Protected sun visor and viewing window ensure your child is protected from the sun.

The 2007 Maclaren Twin Techno Stroller designed for two children is a great option for those who wish to be able to carry their newborn and a toddler without the need of two separate units. Available in navy, crimson or tan, this stroller features independently moving multi-position seats, a carry handle, and UV protective viewing windows on the hoods. The adjustable harnesses are striped; the unit is narrow enough to fit through a 30” doorway. Weighing only 21.6 lbs. this sturdy stroller will hold up to 110 lbs of weight.